科学的荒诞的ach and communication

The ASBMB organizes science communication and public engagement activities and develops tools and opportunities for all professionals to improve their science outreach skills.


The Art of Science Communication

An online course that provides fundamental training in science communication.


Student Chapter Outreach Grant

Funding for outreach activities in addition to exclusive access to expertise and resources from the Science Outreach and Communication Committee.


ASBMB annual meeting programming

Outreach programming at the annual meeting includes workshops and networking events.

Activity manuals

These activity manuals were created for scientists seeking proven successful materials for K–12 outreach and education. Each manual contains easy to follow instructions for hands-on science experiments, as well as links and resources for the successful execution of each project. All materials were generously provided by recipients of the ASBMB Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science (HOPES) grant.

K-5th grade activity manuals

Activities on plants, mealworms, the cardiovascular system and chromatography.

6th-8th grade activity manuals

An activity on plant genomics using broccoli and other vegetables.

9th-12th grade activity manuals

Activities on familial disease inheritance and genetic disorders.

Other resources

Information about conducting science outreach and links to organizations that are involved with organizing and supporting public outreach activities and programs, and to organizations that provide funding for science outreach and informal education activities.

Outreach resources

List of organizations that provide guidance and offer funding for conducting science outreach.

Gene sequence bracelet activity

A fun exercise for for children of elementary school age or older to learn about genes.